Core business

Our Core Business

Some time ago Fidux Trust took a strategic decision to concentrate on the areas where we have developed the skills and expertise to offer professional services at a high standard to clients in an environment which allows the client complete freedom in the choice of other financial service providers in the asset management and custody of assets.

Our core business is the provision of bespoke management services which provide substantive rather than nominal support and presence. We do not see ourselves as simply the provider of nominee services, which we feel is more typically associated with wholesale fiduciary operations. Neither do we consider our market as the provision of low priced off the shelf companies perhaps to facilitate a single asset holding. Any such entities required by a client we would normally source at cost.

Fidux Trust's niche market is offering a service to the entrepreneur and his or her professional advisors that require assistance in the implementation and administration of international investment structures and the representation of corporate vehicles to allow the client to achieve the required financial objective. We operate with a compliance culture as befits the regulations and the present international regulatory environment. Within that culture we assist with the formation and management of companies, trusts and other structures and represent the client and/or intermediary in negotiations and the enforcement of interests. We endeavour to dedicate sufficient time to consider each situation individually with the necessary depth, expertise and skill as no two situations are the same.

We appreciate the need to be flexible in today's market and regularly re-assess the needs of our clients, adjusting our approach as deemed appropriate and agreed by the client. We currently operate in a plethora of different situations and in particular we have developed expertise in three core service areas: