Family offices and business and succession planning

Support to Family Offices and Business
and Succession Planning

We assist our clients in such areas as the development of suitable trusts and foundations to hold assets giving wealth protection, stability in political unrest or to protect against financial instability.

Fidux Trust is licensed to act as professional trustees and can assist in the management of family assets and inheritance over the longer term according to the client's financial goals. We pride ourselves in providing hands on support to our clients in terms of their reporting, day-to-day administrative requirements (e.g. arrangement of transportation, accommodation, events).

Responding to our clients' requirements in recent years, we have built a range of charity services. Many clients now wish to dedicate to charity, the arts and other concerns of public interest. To support clients in their role as philanthropists, we assist our clients in the establishment and administration of trusts and foundations which enables them to dedicate themselves to the pursuit of charitable objectives rather than the bureaucratic administration of the necessary structures.

As Trustees Fidux assume legal responsibility for the proper administration of many trusts in addition to the administrative duties of establishing bookkeeping procedures and ongoing accounting, reviewing assets regularly for quality and performance, documenting asset acquisitions, communicating with beneficiaries, distributing capital with discretion and providing detailed account statements.

How we help our clients

A client wanted to manage his transport business more efficiently with tax, financial planning and cross-risk / asset protection considerations as his main priorities. Fidux successfully transferred all his assets into separate holding entities within trust structures and leased the assets back to the client. Fidux continues to manage the financial reporting aspects of the business going forward.

A major property developer settled a trust which in turns holds shares in his offshore businesses with bank accounts held in Europe opened by Fidux who provide officers to the companies. In so doing, he has reduced his tax liability and has banking services in a reputable and secure jurisdiction. His estate planning is also secured by the trust structure.

Fidux established a trust for a client which holds inherited wealth in turn invested into a portfolio of investments managed by investment managers appointed by the Trustees. The purpose of the trust is to preserve the family wealth while generating income for the beneficiaries.

Fidux offered advice to a client on the alternatives for structuring his estate. This involved establishing a foundation which holds shares in their trading companies and owns real estate, with the aim of benefiting from the relevant tax regime through the incentives and exemptions applicable to the foundations. Advice was also provided on the most appropriate way to proceed with the transfer of the family wealth to subsequent generations.

Fidux addresses the needs of a clients in order to streamline their financial affairs. This involves a study of their specific needs and advising on the alternatives to manage and handle their accounting needs. Fidux also advises on how to benefit from the existing legal incentives applicable to the relevant case.

An international holding company wished to offer an attractive package to traders willing to relocate to Gibraltar giving them the opportunity to take up tax residence in Gibraltar or in Gibraltar vicinity along the Southern Spanish coast. Fidux advised that it would be beneficial to set up a Protected Cell Company (PCC) under the Protected Cell Companies Ordinance 2001 of Gibraltar combined with a trust. The attraction of the PCC structure is the avoidance of any cross-cell contagion in the event of one cell within the umbrella becoming insolvent and the creditors attempting to enforce judgment against assets within other cells. Cellular assets will be absolutely protected from creditors of the PCC who are not creditors in respect of that cell.

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