Bespoke Dynamic Professional Spread

Who we are

Fidux Trust is made up of a dynamic team of professionals combining legal, accountancy, banking and other financial sector skills dedicated to providing excellence in management service for its clients.

We are passionate about providing client focused service at the highest standard.

Our clients come first

We pride ourselves in incorporating the service spirit in all areas of our work. With the objective of servicing clients' needs comprehensively, we have created a skilled platform to implement, administer and realise their financial projects whilst operating to the highest professional standards.

Our clients range from professional intermediaries to corporations to individuals. Since the foundation of Fidux Trust in 1993, the organisation has re-established its independence after a series of mergers with larger groups of service providers in Liechtenstein, South Africa and the UK in the mid-1990s.

Originally formed to focus on offering bespoke management services to sophisticated participants of the financial markets the Fidux Group has grown around the service needs of its clients in Europe and Fidux now offers assistance in a number of financial and commercial centres on the Continent and the British Isles.

Fidux Trust has maintained its independence from other financial institutions. Particularly in today's rapidly changing environment we see this as a strength enabling us to offer a truly impartial service.