Support to Transactional Business

Support to Transactional Business

Since inception, Fidux Trust has acquired a battle-hardened experience in supporting their clients in all forms of transactional business, both single jurisdiction and cross border. Examples of such transactions would be mergers, real estate acquisition and larger investment projects.

Fidux Trust has gained expertise in the comprehensive project management of transactional business. We are able to coordinate all parties involved in complex transactions, communicate with legal counsel, tax planners, banks, governmental authorities and institutions as well as third party administrators. All these activities are taken care of under the Fidux umbrella to ensure that their work is consistent with the intentions and projected results defined by our clients. We serve both individual private clients as well as multinational concerns. Each project is evaluated individually in its administrative demands, and all processes are continuously adapted as a project is developed. Our administrative work focuses on the precise and accurate documentation and implementation of each legal, financial or other action that is of corporate relevance.

How we help our clients

For strategic reasons, a client who has in previous years expanded his core business into various countries wished to regroup these foreign entities under a single holding company in a country with which his home country has an established double taxation treaty. The restructuring of the group was coordinated with the legal and tax advisors in the various jurisdictions. Once the structure was implemented, all required administration services for the holding company were provided, including but not limited to, coordination and evaluation of transactions between parent company and foreign subsidiaries.

A multinational organisation wished to expand its business in a European jurisdiction. Fidux assisted in opening a representative office to allow the concern to develop within the new jurisdiction step by step. During this time Fidux handled all administrative issues of an operating entity, such as accounting and pay-roll services, keeping of staff files and payment of client invoices. Once the entity was fully operational the organisation decided to keep this administrative work outsourced to Fidux due to the excellent service provided.

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